represents history, quality and value. Valoriani is a

family managed furnace

, currently in its fifth generation and with more than 100 years of experience. Its roots can be found in the Florentine area of Figline Valdarno, back in the 1890’s. Here, Pietro Valoriani established a furnace to produce vases, jars and bricks in refractory cotto clay. After the discovery of a good quality refractory clay cave, Gino Valoriani, grandfather of the current owner, Massimo Valoriani, decided to move the furnace to Reggello, where the


remains to this day. After the end of the second world war, with the need to reconstruct our nation, as a

manufacturer of bricks

, Valoriani was well positioned to contribute to the rebirth of Italy by supplying

refractory bricks

to communities to enable them to build and restore artisanal

bread ovens

Outdoor pizza oven
Outdoor pizza oven
A Major turning point for Valoriani was in the 1940’s, when Silvio Valoriani, son of Gino, had a ‘Eureka moment’ to grow the company: “Why don’t we build our own ovens?” In fact, it happened that some

artisanal ovens

had structural issues, due to the many working hours and great experience needed to build by hand a dome made of bricks.
Silvio went on to design and build the first prefabricated

wood fired oven

, taking advantage of the secular experience of the Valoriani family in the choice of raw materials and defining the structural design of the vault - perfect in all its’ proportions and is the very same one used today. He used the very same materials used in the traditional artisanal ovens, but he increased the stability and simplified the process of assembling an


. This idea was put into practice during the Italian economic boom period, which corresponded with the explosion of the

‘pizza phenomenon’

Outdoor pizza oven
Outdoor pizza oven
Valoriani stands alone from its competitors. They are not just oven assemblers - Valoriani is the only company in the world that produces all the

refractory components of the oven

‘in house’, including the baking floor. Valoriani baking floors are produced in the factory after the very best raw materials in the world are conscientiously selected. The internal production allows the study of a specific receipt that even diversifies in baking floor for Neapolitan pizza, Classical pizza or bread. The floor sections are pressed and baked in our kiln at over 1300°C for about 16 hours. This process allows the manufacture of a product specifically formulated to be used in

pizza ovens

, thus not adapting to what can be found on the market.
In the following years, Massimo’s knowledge, expertise and capacity to experiment, legitimised the success of both professional and domestic ovens and ceramic stoves branded Valoriani, in Italy and abroad.
The name Valoriani is supported, in its quality and safety, by certifications and declarations recognised on an international level, such as Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN).
Outdoor pizza oven
Outdoor pizza oven
The quality and safety of Valoriani ovens is guaranteed in Italy and all over the world by recognitions received by multiple Certification Institutions and Associations of the field.


Approved in the USA Conforms with UL Std.-UL Std. 2162
Conforms with NSF Std. 4
Approved from the UK Clean Air 2005 No. 2304
Approved from the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana)
CE Certification for all gas fired oven:
Vesuvio serie GR/IGLOO/OT e Valoriani Verace.
In Italy conform with Dir. CEE 84/500 N°10A01876 daLab. PH
In Italy conform with UNI 10474:1995 da IMQprimacontrol
Approved in Australia by the Australian Gas Association (AGA)